People who close deals

“We are people and people close deals”. With these words, Patricia Ramos, Marketing Manager of Navantia, showed satisfaction with her shipyard for its participation as an exhibitor in the second edition of World Maritime Week. Ramos placed special emphasis on the human aspect of the meeting, organised by Bilbao Exhibition Centre, given that “with these B2B meetings, the gala dinner and the FINE awards, relationships are forged between the various companies dedicated to this business”.

Around one hundred firms showed off their work to visitors in the Luxua Hall exhibition area, with the majority of them also participating in the B2B meetings organised with top level international buyers. Shipyards like Zamakona, Armón, Emerson, Man, Finanzauto, Bombas Azcue, Murueta and Navantia itself, among others, attended the event.

The auxiliary industry, especially that of propulsion, was also present in Luxua Hall; a presence that turned out to be “interesting” for Zamakona shipyard. “One thing is certain: we have managed to find suppliers that will very likely serve us in the future”, acknowledged Luis Magro, business manager of the Basque shipyard. Navantia was also “compensated” by attending World Maritime Week, because, “it allows you to get in contact with every Spanish national maritime industry, as we are all represented, including the auxiliary industry”, Patricia Ramos explained.

There were many visits to the stand belonging to the Asturian shipyard, Armón, represented by an imposing model from their latest creation. “We have had a lot of visitors, some of them foreign, with much interest in our ship ECO LNG. With a capacity for 1,200 passengers and 500 vehicles, it is the world’s first ship to be propelled by liquefied natural gas engines. You can travel between Barcelona and Mallorca in three hours”, explained Ricardo García, sales director at Armón.

For his part, John F. Gois, vice-chairman & Chief Financial Officer of the American company Rings Around the World, was extremely satisfied with his participation in the exhibition and recognised that making “very good contacts” was one of his main goals.

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