How do I get to the BEC?2020-12-02T12:56:14+01:00

Full information is available here.

Does the complex have parking facilities?2020-12-02T12:59:36+01:00

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre has indoor parking for 4000 vehicles.

Does it have restaurants?2020-12-02T13:08:01+01:00

Bec has restaurants inside.

Is there WiFi?2020-12-02T13:10:29+01:00

Yes, visitors, exhibitors and other users of BEC can connect to the Internet free of charge from anywhere in the exhibition site.

The service offers 9 hours connection each day at 512 K. Therefore, users requiring a service with greater capacity or for a longer time must contract it directly through the payments gateway.

To do so, the service requires basic registration details, or in other words, name, surname, mobile telephone and e-mail.

What number should I telephone in case of an emergency?2020-12-02T13:12:40+01:00

For general emergencies, dial 112.

Are there any hire-car companies nearby?2020-12-02T13:16:30+01:00

Several hire-car firms operate out of Bilbao airport.

Disabled access2020-12-02T13:19:49+01:00

The Bilbao Exhibition Centre has lifts for accessing the complex from the car park and the exhibition halls from the central Atrium.  It is a fully accessible building.

Could you provide me with a wheelchair?2020-12-02T13:22:00+01:00

Yes: go to the information desk on the day of your visit for directions as to where to pick up a chair.

Is there a travel agency on site?2020-12-02T13:25:33+01:00

Yes, there is a travel agency in the Central Atrium of the complex.  You can also contact the official travel agency of the BEC.  Full information is available here.

Is smoking permitted at the BEC?2020-12-02T13:33:30+01:00

Smoking is forbidden by law in all enclosed venues.

Are there banking facilities on site?2020-12-02T13:39:46+01:00

There are no bank branches in the complex, but there is an ATM belonging to the BBK savings bank in the Central Atrium.

Can I store my luggage at the BEC?2020-12-02T15:43:37+01:00

Suitcases and coats can be left in the cloakroom facilities.

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